Douglas V. Radney, 6266909, Major
Engineer-Gunner Crew 2

Graduated Mexia High School, Mexia, Texas, 1935.  Entered military service, January, 1936.  Completed aircraft mechanic's school.  After Tokyo Raid, remained in China-Burma-India Theater until September, 1942.  Commissioned as an officer in 1945 and subsequently completed pilot training.  Served overseas in Alaska as cold weather test pilot and maintenance officer.  Rated as senior pilot.  Retired in May, 1959.  Decorations include the Silver Star with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, Distinguished lying Cross, Air Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Chinese Army, Navy, and Air Corps Medal, Class A, 1st Grade.

Born March 17, 1917, Mineola, Texas
Died January 28, 1994



Fort Logan National Cemetery
3698 S. Sheridan Boulevard
Denver, CO 80235

Section 10 Grave 116
Interment 2/1/1994

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