Charles Ross Greening, 0-22443, Colonel
Pilot Crew 11

Received BA degree from Washington State College in Fine Arts in 1936.  Entered military service on June 23, 1936 at Fort Lewis, Washington.  Graduated from Advanced Flying School at Kelly Field, Texas, June 9, 1937.  Served at bases in Louisiana and California before joining the 17th Bomb Group a Pendleton, Oregon in June, 1940.  After the Tokyo Raid he was assigned to a B-26 Group in North Africa and was shot down on July 17, 1943 while on a raid against Naples, Italy.  He was captured by the Germans and after two months imprisonment, he escaped.  After evading capture for six months, he was recaptured and spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft I at Barth, Germany.  After the war he had Stateside assignments until 1955 at which time he was assigned for a brief period as Air Attaché to Australia and New Zealand.  Died March 29, 1957 at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington D.C.  Decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Silver Star, Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters and The Chinese Order of Yung Hui, 5th Class.

Born November 12, 1914, Carroll, Iowa
Died March 29, 1957, Bethesda, MD

Captain Greening was shot down over North Africa and captured on July 17, 1943. He escaped after two months and evaded for another six months before he was re-captured and held until the end of the war.

Arlington National Cemetery
Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22211

Section 6 Grave 9161
Interment 4/3/1957

Chunking, Szechwan, China
May 2, 1942
SUBJECT: Mission Report on Doolittle Project, April 18, 1942.
TO: Brigadier General J.H. Doolittle.

Type Ship: B-25 B (North American) #40-2249.


Pilot -- Capt. C.R. Greening o-22443
Co-Pilot -- 2nd Lieut. K.. Reddy 0-421131
Navigator -- 2nd Lieut. F.A. Kappeler 0-419579
Bombardier -- S/Sgt. W.L. Birch 6461172
Eng. Gunner -- Sgt. M.J. Gardner 6296448


The mission was voluntary called from Lexington Field, Columbia, S.C., to proceed to Eglin Field, Valparaiso, Fla., to learn the nature of the mission, perform necessary changes and maintenance on the ships, and conduct a training program involving simulated conditions that could be expected during the actual mission.
The project was ordered to McClellan Field, Sacramento, Calif., for final preparations before loading aboard the U.S.S. Hornet, Alameda Naval Base.

Objective folders, maps, navigation, and other pertinent data were covered enroute.

Orders for take off were given without warning. No last minute preparations such as weather data at target enroute or destination were given. We were to report to Chuchow, China, as soon as possible if separated from ships.

Time of T.O. 0855 U.S.S. Hornet time

Altitude desired:
Bombing altitude: 1500 feet
Approach: under 1500 feet

Actual Altitude:
Bombing: 600 feet
Approach: Surface to 3000 feet and up to 10000 over China

Broken clouds to Tokyo
Clear and unlimited over Tokyo
Enroute to China: Broken to overcast
Over China; Low overcast with rain

4 - 500 lb incendiary clusters
All bombs operated without malfunction.

800 rounds .50 Cal.
800 rounds .30 Cal.
All ammunition load 2 tracer, 3 incendiary and 1 armor piercing.

Oil refineries, docks, warehouses and home industrial area, Yokohama.

Secondary Target:
At will according to situation.

Pursuit opposition:
Several flights were observed. Attack made only by four apparently Zero fighters with inline engines. 6 guns firing forward using either incendiaries or tracers. Hits were observed on right wing with no apparent damage other than dents in wing. Two pursuit were observed to be hit seriously enough to leave attack, one on fire. Neither were seen to crash. After bombs were released no difficulty was encountered in outrunning pursuit.

Mission report:
A large oil refinery and storage tank area was bombed with apparent complete success. Target used was camouflaged by roof tops to conceal work wherever possible. A large black column of smoke could be seen as result over 50 miles away.
Three small boats were attacked using .30 Cal nose gun. One gun burned. Estimated size 50 to 60 feet long.


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