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Doolittle Raider Memorabilia

Here are some pictures of displays and other memorabilia related to
The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders


Plaque at the Museum in Fredericksburg Texas


Click on a image thumbnail to see the full sized image

(the Hornet logo appears here)

The story behind the ashtray is that it was crafted in the machine shop of the USS Hornet.





The images below are from the Pearl Harbor Movie Premiere
Honolulu Hawaii, May 21, 2001




   Alec Baldwin played Jimmy Doolittle in the movie "Pearl Harbor"

Strategic Air and Space Museum

On Saturday, May 12th 2001 The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders exhibit was dedicated and put on permanent display at the Strategic Air and Space Museum located between Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska just off Interstate 80.

The exhibit includes the story of the Raiders as told through the words of my father, who's first hand account is shared along side timelines and artifacts that help explain this historic first bombing of mainland Japan by Allied Forces.  There is a restored B-25 bomber on display and also some interactive displays as well.

Not only is the Doolittle Raider exhibit a outstanding exhibit but, there are a number of other excellent exhibits and airplanes to enjoy.  If you have never been here, you should certainly be sure to visit the museum in the future.  It is one of the largest Air and Space museums in the world and well worth the visit.

Here are a few pictures from the exhibit dedication, click on picture to see a larger photo...




Doolittle Raider Monument   Doolittle Raider Monument   Doolittle Raider Monument   Doolittle Raider Monument

Here are some posters and advertisements from the WWII era...



The following images are from the Ted Briscoe collection!
Click the thumbnail image for a full size image!









The following images are from a man in China (Quzhow) who talked with some elderly residents who remembered the Raid and said that some of the images below are items that were made from the wreckage of the airplanes...  See the Forum for more info!






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